Women only Bus Service in Paksitan

by Qasim Qazi

About the Project

Title of Project: Fighting Women"s Physical and Sexual Harassment in Public Transport by introducing "Women-only Bus Service in Pakistan"


The innovation corrects both a market failure (exclusion of women from the mainstream economy and from the workforce due to unsafe public transit) while increasing female knowledge through women rights and maternal-child health education on board via animated videos.
The Bus service provides low-income women with a safe and dignified vehicle for transport while offering women rights and maternal-child health education on board via animated videos. It circumvents harassment that is otherwise faced by these commuters daily deterring their participation in the workforce. This will allow greater gender inclusion in the work force as well as overall empowerment and wellness of women in society.
Expected impacts
• To improve the socioeconomic status and quality of life of low-income women in Lahore, Pakistan.
• Harassment-free access to their workplace will empower women and contribute to their overall well being
• The lives of at least 1 million working women living in urban area (Lahore) with a wider ripple effect on their families, communities and society at large
Potential to scale
This idea can be replicate anywhere in private and public sectors of other emerging countries including India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to name few, yielding a global total of almost 150 million commuters who can be impacted directly (i.e. those who use the bus service).



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