Fundprovo is an innovative space that aims to bring social entrepreneurs, leaders, change-makers, donors, business entrepreneurs, volunteers, experts and organizations together, connecting private sector and public sector actors, sharing resources and ideas to make positive impacts on the global community. Fundprovo is about more than just collecting money, it is where we aim to create a sense of a global family helping each other in whatever way possible to facilitate positive social change.

FundProVo is an initiative inspired by two organizations: the Clinton Global Initiative Conference (CGI U) founded by the 42nd US President, Bill Clinton, which hosts a meeting where students, university representatives, topic experts and celebrities come together to discuss and develop innovative solutions to pressing global challenges, and The Resolution Project based in New York which identifies and inspires young leaders through their Social Venture Challenges and Resolution Fellowships.

Our CEO, Yangmali Rai was a part of CGI U and is a Resolution Fellow. Using his experience as a CGI U campus representative and Resolution Fellow, Yangmali along with his team members are launching FundProVo, connecting people from different sectors to facilitate positive social change.

Our Team

Yangmali (Sahadev) Rai

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Edward Brent

Vice President

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Niraj rajbhandari

CIO (Chief Informational Officer)

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Raju Gautam

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)