Dream & Child bags with drawings of children in Nepal

by Sol Nam

About the Project

‘Dream&Child’ Drawing Bags

Project location: Nepal

Four sections:

a. Work plan and activities

b. Background and justification

c. Objectives and expected results

d. Help/Sponsor opportunities a.


‘Dream&Child’’s project is designed to provide unique opportunities for underprivileged children through providing drawing opportunities that enable them to express themselves as a great method of communication, especially for those who are un-confident/uncomfortable with doing so through verbal means of communication in the given situation. It is a way for them to express their thoughts, feelings and minds, which stimulates positive psychological effects.

Donors (those who participate in the projects/purchase the bags) seeing the drawings on the bags will strengthen their interest and awareness of child issues in Nepal (as visual images can add synapses to neurotransmitters, meaning the memories of helping children by purchasing the bag and writing positive, hopeful messages to the children are embedded in their mind).

1. Visit local schools/places where children can express their mind and hopes by providing them with energetic drawing activities including sketching, colouring and painting.

2. Children will be provided and assisted with drawing tools and guidance and will be free to draw anything in regard to topics including ‘dreams, hopes & love’.

3. Such drawings will be coated on a cotton/waterproof hand bag with a ‘Dream&Child’ logo on it. Each bag will have a specific message indicated in the drawing.

4. ‘Dream&Child’ bags will be advertised and sold to people who are interested in helping the children in Nepal. People can write a message/letter to the children about the drawings/in general which will be sent to them directly. Further long-term sponsorship with children can be given.

5. Funds raised from the sale will be donated to the charities in Nepal Planned activities
Estimated duration Finding sponsors for the project
2-3 weeks + Preparing travel and drawing sessions
3-7 days Meeting with children at school and charities
3-7 days in Nepal Marketing and selling products


Amount required to start: minimum £1000+

£200 (train, accommodation and food during the travel)

£650 Cheapest flight fee

min £200 Material fee for each bag. E.g. £200 for 100 bags to be made 2/bag Sale

Price £5-10 per bag

Profit per bag £3-8 per bag

First round of target amount of donation (aimed at selling 100 bags): £300+


'Dream&Child' is a nonprofit project that gathers happy drawings from underprivileged children of all ages in Nepal. Bags with drawings of children will be sold to increase awareness of the issue and to raise funds, which will be donated to children helping them with basic education, health service and living requirements (food and clothes).

Project Beneficiaries of the project The Nepal Labour Force Survey (NLFS) 2008 estimates the child population between 5 and 17 years of age to be 7.77 million (33% of the total population); and the largest share of Nepal’s child population (38.3%) is in the 5?9 year age group, followed by the 10?13 year age group (33.8 per cent) and the 14?17 year age group (27.9 per cent)* . These groups are expected to benefit from ‘Dream&Child’ project. The problem or critical issue which the proposal seeks to resolve is the poverty of most families, The Nepal Earthquake (on 25th of April 2014) and corrupted political society and economical instability has stolen children’'s lives and hopes. For example, domestic labour, street children, children in armed conflict and sex workers who are exposed to the risk of HIV/AIDS. Other facts to be noted: o Child marriage (%) 2002-2012 married by 15-18, 50.8%** o Attendance in early childhood education 2005-2012, 30.1%** Basic health care (physical and mental illness), education and provision of shelter needs urgent help.

There is a serious need for awareness creation and disciplinary action in an innovative, proactive and structured manner, which is what this project is all about.

This proposal relates to the national strategies and policies of children rights. ‘Since the early 1990s the issue of child rights and child labor has received greater attention which is being reflected in national policies and programs. Because of the social and economic circumstances of the country, child labor issue in Nepal are rather difficult and complex. About 90% of the population in Nepal lives in rural areas; and about 42% f Nepalese live under the absolute poverty line, with income less than one dollar per day.***’ g.


Unintended challenges such as lack of interest in the products will be addressed through extensive marketing at my university and other universities/schools/charities/organisations who are willing to help. Main objectives:

1) To raise interest and awareness of the issue by spreading ‘Dream&Child’ bags as the idea would consciously/unconsciously come into peoples mind every time they use and see them.

2) To encourage people to get involved in a creative way. For example, giving the buyer of bag the chance to write a short letter/message to the child that made the drawing.

3) To sponsor underprivileged children with the money raised from the product sales.

4) To contribute to improving the development of living standard for the children and the community. I will be responsible for preparing periodic project progress reports; leader ship of the organisation project and report s of project monitoring will be made to ensure planned procedures and actions are carried out in line with the aimed objectives.


I need help with:

a. Finding a sponsor with the start up cost of the project

b. Connecting with charities/schools (any places children drawing activities can be held) in Nepal

c. Finding people who are interested in participating in the project (globally, starting in the UK)

d. Identifying organisations that can provide bag materials. e. Organisations/schools/universities where ‘Dream&Child’ bags can be advertised.

Your donation

Thank you for giving hopes&dreams to children in Nepal!

Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

Once you have made a donation, you can write a message to the children in Nepal which will be delivered by 'Dream&Child' project.



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